Transform Your Practice with

Veterinary Connected Care

Petriage is a connected care platform that helps you provide the best possible care for your patients with streamlined communication, 24/7 services, and turnkey practice management system integration.


Stay connected, informed, and involved with easy-to-use communication tools.


Interact directly with clients — and protect work-life balance — with customizable automated interactions.


Increase efficiency with virtual care and capture lost cases with 24/7 support from Petriage Analysis and Petriage Live.

"Petriage is incredibly user-friendly and they continue to add functionality to help us all serve more clients and pets.”

Dr. Jill Suess

DVM/Owner, Keepers Animal Clinic

"We've moved 99% of our post-surgical checks to a Petriage eCheck: it saves time, is so convenient for clients, and keeps appointments open for pets that need an in-person exam."

Dr. Laura Betts

DVM/Owner, Parkdale Animal Hospital

"Using Petriage Express Check-In has really streamlined the check-in and check-out process. It's fast, efficient, and super easy to use."

Kelly Bartlett

LVT/Practice Manager, Arlington Veterinary Hospital

Your Complete Medical Communication Suite

Petriage enhances your in-clinic services with a comprehensive telehealth solution, bridging brick-and-mortar client connections with powerful virtual engagement.

Our Cycle of Care

The Petriage cycle of care starts with our AI-driven Petriage Analysis tool, which empowers pet parents to assess the urgency for vet care for free, anytime.

Petriage Circle of Care diagram


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Pet Parents can connect with you directly through eConsults and eChecks, and receive after-hours support with Petriage Live, our 24/7 nurse helpline. Petriage also offers easy, contactless check-in and payment for maximum efficiency, and can integrate smoothly with your practice management system for automatic recordkeeping.

That’s why Petriage is the complete telehealth suite that includes:

Petriage Analysis: 24/7 Pet Symptom Checker

Why clinics love it

  • Offers vet-validated triage assistance.

  • Preserves work-life balance.

  • Drives business to your clinic.

Why pet parents love it

  • Eliminates uncertainty.

  • Offers help, even during clinic off-hours.

  • Provides free, on-demand advice.

Petriage Live: 24/7 Nurse Helpline

Why clinics love it

  • Captures lost cases with 24/7 client support while protecting your work-life balance.

  • Powered by dedicated LVTs and DVMs. 

  • Included with all Petriage tiers, with customizable client-paid pricing.

Why pet parents love it

  • Offers direct consults with industry professionals, 24/7.

  • Keeps their clinic in the loop.

  • Eliminates unnecessary trips to the ER.

eConsult: Online Consultations

Why clinics love it

  • Increases revenue.

  • Facilitates direct communication while protecting your personal phone and email. 

  • Supports photo and video sharing.

Why pet parents love it

  • Provides personalized help from their own clinic.

  • Serves up a smooth experience on any device.

  • Delivers custom care wherever they are.

eCheck: Remote Monitoring

Why clinics love it

  • Streamlines post-care communication.

  • Increases compliance.

  • Improves efficiency for routine tasks.

Why pet parents love it

  • Supports hassle-free online check-in.

  • Keeps their veterinarian looped in.

  • Enhances follow-up care experience.

Express Check-In

Why clinics love it

  • Helps your team manage busy workloads.

  • Increases revenue and enhances client relationships.

  • Simplifies payment process with contactless transactions.

Why pet parents love it

  • Makes check-in and payment simple, even without a Petriage account.

  • Supports food and prescription pickup.

  • Facilitates fast and convenient interactions.

Petriage Rx: Integrated Online Pharmacy

Why clinics love it

  • Captures business at exam time. 

  • Easy, time-saving staff workflow. 

  • Superior revenue split.

Why pet parents love it

  • Great prices!

  • Ordering is quick and intuitive.

  • Easy to set up automatic shipments. 

Give your clients seamless service and streamline your clinic operations with Petriage.
Want to learn more?

How Much Does Our Veterinary Telehealth Solution Cost?

Petriage is a complete connected care solution for any practice and any budget, so we’ve structured our pricing to meet your clinic’s needs.

Petriage Essential

Step up to a data-rich clinic dashboard and remote monitoring for improved compliance. Your clients get all the benefits of Petriage Analysis, Express Check-in and payment, and Petriage Live, our 24/7 nurse helpline.

Petriage Premium

Complete your Petriage suite with remote consultation and practice management system integration.

Integrate Petriage into your practice at your pace.

Get started with our best-in-class teletriage tool, Petriage Analysis, personalized for your clinic. Clients will get great guidance anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

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Set Up Your Clinic & Invite Your Clients

Customize your clinic preferences and pricing, and invite clients to join your Petriage portal. Share via social media, email, and in-office visits

Capture Lost Cases with Client Consultation

Consult with your clients via Petriage to deepen relationships while directing your own work-life balance.

Manage Patient Care Remotely & In-Office

Deliver consistent, high-quality care online and off: all communications are stored in the patient’s medical record.

Integrate Petriage with Your
Practice Management System

Petriage integrates with most veterinary practice management systems, whether they’re server- or cloud-based. We offer all clinic partners hands-on support to ensure smooth implementation.

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