Frequently Asked Questions for Pet Parents

Petriage is a telehealth app for dogs and cats. If your pet is feeling ill, Petriage can help you assess the urgency of their symptoms in just a few minutes—any time, for free. If your veterinary clinic also uses Petriage, the platform makes it easy for you to chat online about your pet’s health concerns. It’s easy to share pictures and videos with your clinic, and video chat is also available.

Petriage is free, with no subscriptions or hidden fees. However, some clinics may charge for services such as online exams which are provided through Petriage. All fees are clearly explained up front.

Just visit and click Sign Up Now.

Once you have an account, you may wish to install our Android app or iOS app, but Petriage works on any desktop or mobile web browser, too.

It’s very important for Petriage to have a current mobile phone number for all pet parents.

  • If you’re chatting with your clinic, you’ll be notified of case updates by text message.

  • If your clinic needs to call in a prescription, the pharmacy will require your phone number.

  • If you ever use the Petriage Live 24/7 Nurse Help Line, your phone number will be needed to connect the call.

Petriage only uses your phone number for important medical communications and notifications.

Petriage includes the following features.

  • Petriage Analysis – Our quick symptom checker gives all pet parents guidance on the urgency of their pets' symptoms. It will even help you find a nearby clinic or emergency room if needed. Petriage Analysis is available for free to all pet parents, whether or not their clinic uses Petriage!

  • Petriage Live 24/7 Nurse Help Line – Some Petriage users may want to utilize Petriage Live, our 24/7 nurse line. Nurse line fees vary by Petriage partner, but are always communicated up front.

  • Petriage eConsult – If your clinic utilizes Petriage, you may request an online consultation to discuss your pet’s symptoms. Clinics may choose to charge for eConsults.

  • Petriage eCheck – After your pet has received care, your veterinarian will want to monitor their recovery. Petriage makes this easy by reminding you to fill out a simple online check-in form when it’s time for an update. If there are any complications, you’ll even be able to chat with your veterinarian. There is never a charge for an eCheck.

  • Petriage Curbside – Clinics using Petriage may allow visitors to check in via mobile phone with Petriage Curbside. A quick form lets your clinic know why you’ve arrived, and a chat session makes it easy for the clinic to update you on wait time. If your pet is having an exam while you wait in your car, your clinic may have you attend via video chat. Some clinics also do contactless credit card payment via chat session.

At this time, the Petriage Analysis tool can only provide an urgency assessment for dogs and cats. Veterinary clinics which care for other animals may still use Petriage’s communication features.

If your clinic uses video chat, you will need one of the following web browsers.

  • Apple iOS devices: Safari

  • Android devices: Chrome, Firefox

  • MacOS computers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge

  • Windows computers: Chrome, Firefox, Edge

More detailed video chat help is available here.