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CTO / Founder

Petriage is seeking a technology veteran to join us at an exciting growth stage of our Bellevue Washington veterinary telemedicine startup. This is a ground-floor opportunity to join the leadership team that is creating the first household name in veterinary telemedicine.

The ideal person for the role is a technology veteran and pet parent, who is excited to join us at the co-founding stage of a business that has already been validated. Your ultimate goal will be to build the industry leading veterinary telemedicine service provider. In order to reach that goal, you will be responsible for building and serving as a senior technical leader of a complex innovative product that truly makes a difference in the lives of our customers. You will have the full support of a dynamic board of directors as well as a multifunctional business development team.

To be successful in this role, you’ll need to be a mission-driven tech veteran who will dive in and do whatever it takes to succeed. Some of your most important characteristics are:

  • Strategic Vision: You can see forest above the trees, but can also focus on granular levels of detail that are often most important to success, driving the product towards your strategic goal with constant incremental improvements
  • Customer Focused: You innately understand our target customer, constantly iterating and responding to feedback and thinking ahead to serve their needs in ways we haven’t considered
  • Leadership: You have a keen eye for talent and excel at leading teams to create a world-class product and inspire them to success

When it comes to your background and skills, you will have:

  • Experience developing and maintaining a RESTful JSON API, ideally with Ruby on Rails
  • Experience developing and maintaining iOS and Android applications, ideally with React Native
  • Experience configuring and maintaining Heroku web services
  • Familiarity with machine learning applications
  • Familiarity with issues surrounding the collection and analysis of “big data”
  • Able to roll-up your sleeves when necessary to solve problems
  • Leadership experience within a startup (preferred) or in a fast-moving, dynamic environment within a larger company
  • Deep product development experience, working cross-functionally to design, build, and bring to market software applications
  • Strong credentials, technical vision, and communication skills that excite investors and inspire prospective members to join the Petriage team


  • Contribute to and lead programming efforts on Petriage web and mobile applications
  • Work with the team to build, manage, and validate a Product Roadmap
  • Lead the product development team; assist with managerial and administrative duties
  • Drive product innovation through research

Contact Allon Freiman for additional information: [email protected]