Meet the Pack

About Us

Petriage provides state-of-the art telemedicine services to all kinds of veterinary practices.

Backed by a team of medical and technical veterans, the Petriage platform makes it easy for any clinic to improve client engagement, patient outcomes, and profits. Schedule a demonstration of our rapidly-growing platform today, and see how Petriage can work for you.

Our Team

Allon Freiman
Allon Freiman
Chief Executive Officer
& Co-Founder
Having grown up with a family owned veterinary business, Allon has a passion for helping pets parents and positively influencing the industry.
Gary Watson
Gary J. Watson
Chief Technical Officer
& Co-Founder
A fifteen-year veteran of the veterinary software industry, Gary Watson joins the Petriage executive team after serving as the CTO and VP of technology at Vets First Choice, now Covetrus.
Shlomo Freiman
Shlomo Freiman, DVM
Chief Veterinary Officer
& Co-Founder
A graduate of Cornell's College of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Freiman created Petriage so veterinarians and clients can provide the best possible care for their pets.
Casey Olives
Casey Olives, PhD
Data Science Adviser
A Harvard graduate, Casey is the author of the AI behind Petriage’s innovative Petriage Analysis tool, bringing advanced data science to the world of veterinary telemedicine.
Wendy Hennig
Wendy Hennig
Vice President of Sales
& Marketing
With more than 15 years of experience in veterinary industry sales, Wendy knows firsthand the power of Petriage to improve patient outcomes and increase clinic revenue.