Petriage – The telemedicine solution designed with vets in mind

The telemedicine solution designed with vets in mind

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Our Mission

To create a telemedicine solution that empowers you to provide the best possible care for your patients.

We created Petriage to help you provide excellent care for your patients. Our vet-validated Petriage Analysis tool, paired with Petriage clinic partnership, helps you extend your business, deepen client relationships, and improve patient outcomes by providing more-connected care.

Grow your practice with Petriage's telemedicine solution

Build client trust through expanded care offerings

When you become a Petriage Partner, you can offer seamless service to your clients with a personalized telemedicine solution – truly becoming a brick-and-click practice for today’s on-demand economy.

How it Works

  1. Set Up Your Clinic & Invite Your Clients
    Customize your clinic preferences and pricing, and invite clients to join your Petriage portal. Share via social media, email, and in-office visits.
  2. Capture Cases with Client Consultation
    Consult directly with your clients via the Petriage app – cultivate trust and deepen relationships through personal connection.
  3. Manage Patient Care Remotely and In-Office
    Deliver consistent high-quality care in and out of the office, with all communications attached to the medical record.
Clients can assess urgency with an easy-to-use mobile app
  • Non-Threatening
  • Worrisome
  • Urgent
  • Emergency

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Petriage?
Petriage is a veterinary telehealth service that offers clinics and pet owners the benefits of AI-driven algorithmic teletriage, remote monitoring, and online consultations.
How are Petriage services divided up?
The Petriage Basic service tier provides patients with 24/7 algorithmic teletriage, while online chat-based consultations require the patient to have Petriage Premium.
Is Petriage VCPR-compliant?
Each clinic is able to tailor the Petriage services they offer to meet the VCPR requirements for their jurisdiction. Typically, Petriage Basic services are available to any pet, while Petriage Premium’s online consultations require the existence of a current vet-client-patient relationship.
How much does Petriage cost clinics?
Petriage can cost as little as a few cents per patient, per month. Only active patients are counted.
How much does Petriage cost clients?
Clinics determine how much their clients pay for access to Petriage. Most of our partners choose to cover Petriage’s fee in the annual exam, so that as many clients as possible have access to the benefits of telehealth. Some partners opt for the concierge model, where Petriage Premium requires an additional purchase, such as a wellness plan membership. Petriage can support the business model that is right for you.
How long does it take to set up Petriage?
Your clinic can begin using Petriage with just a few hours of preparation.
Does Petriage work with my practice management system?
Petriage supports tight integration with AVImark, ImproMed, eVetPractice, Cornerstone, and many more practice management systems. PMS integration means you can spend more time on telehealth, and less time on recordkeeping.
What do clients need to do in order to use Petriage?
Clients will receive an email invitation to your clinic’s custom-branded Petriage service. After confirming account details such as their desired password, they will have immediate access to the Petriage telehealth services you’ve selected for them. Clients may also choose to install the Petriage app for iOS and Android devices.
How will Petriage impact my clinic operations?
During your brick-and-mortar hours, Petriage will make your hospital workflow more efficient and less stressful, by reducing time spent on the phone. Your staff will be working smarter, not harder.
How will Petriage impact my work-life balance?
Every client communication that Petriage facilitates is guided by the urgency of the case in addition to the telehealth operating hours you set. Clients will always have their expectations set appropriately, and your nights and weekends will be protected. When you can’t be there, Petriage can even direct your clients to your preferred emergency providers.

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