Petriage Premium – Membership provides on-demand care for your pet

Petriage Premium

Membership provides on-demand care for your pet

Whether you’re at home, at work, even on vacation, caring for your pet is a huge priority. With Petriage Premium membership, you can rest easy knowing that your vet can keep tabs on your pet’s health, no matter where you are.

Why Premium?

With Petriage free membership, you have 24/7 access to our symptom analysis tool. With Petriage Premium, you complete the circle of care for your pet – keeping your family vet engaged in real-time with our easy-to-use mobile app.

“Every pet parent can agree that scouring the web for pet care information can be daunting. When my canine buddy Issa lost his appetite and was lethargic on a Sunday, I didn’t have many options. Fortunately, with Petriage, I was able to get the right information and consult with Issa’s vet.”
“Timbit is a member of our family and, as such, he deserves the best possible care. With Petriage, that’s exactly what he is getting.”
“With Petriage, our vet was able to monitor our pup Bailey’s progress as he recovered from the comfort of home. The best of both worlds!”

Petriage Premium Benefits

  • Petriage Symptom Analysis 24/7 – Assess the need for care anytime
    Evaluate the urgency of your pet’s symptoms day or night with our in-app analysis tool. In seconds, you'll receive guidance from a sophisticated, vet-validated algorithm. Best of all, your own vet will be available to chat.
  • Petriage eConsult – Engage your family vet on-demand
    After running the Symptom Analysis, upload photos and videos in a real-time chat with your vet and get the guidance you need to make the right decision.
  • Petriage eCheck – Keep your vet informed
    Manage your pet’s ongoing medical issues, as well as post-hospitalization and post-surgery recovery, with direct connection to your vet via Petriage.
  • Exclusive Clinic Offers – Direct from your family vet
    As a Petriage Premium member, you’ll receive special offers and discounts from your family vet.